Per Sonnervik's Jack

Per Sonnervik's Jack: Some photos and drawings of Per's jack.

Since I had the chance to take the dimensions of this jack before transport to Sweden, I was able to make detailed drawings of it. However, there seems to be very little interest for dimensioned drawings so far, so I didn't put the dimensions in the main drawings yet, which saves me a lot of work. If you need more details on this jack, contact me and we'll find the best way to provide you the information you want.

- Total weight = 60.5KG
- The maximum range of the jack is 343mm
- You get the max. range with 130 turns of the swing arm.
- The cams on the foot are 26.5mm apart, this means that the full range of the jack is 343 / 26.5 = 13 cams.
- This means the jack has a total reduction of 10:1
- The swing arm moves pi x 960; x 2 x 300mm = 1885mm per turn.
    1885mm x 130turns = 245050mm
    The maximum range of the jack is 343mm
    245050 / 343 = 714.5
    20000 / 714.5 = 28
    You'll have to pull on the handle bar with 28Kg to lift 20000Kg with this jack!


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I did not take the cams off the axle, since I couldn't risk damaging this piece of antique. So I could not draw how the cams were fixed to the axle. We have some indication how this was done: On the sides of the cams, you find 30° angles. The cams are placed together with pieces of leather between them. This probably means that only the ring on the right was fixed to the swing arm axle somehow and the cams with the leather in between are only pressed against that ring in order to fix them to it.


jack-per_files/jack2a.gif       jack-per_files/cams1.gif