The Saumur Tiger I & II
photo disks

These disks contain some 2,100 high resolution photographs of the Tiger I & II in the Saumur Musée Des Blindés. They offer you a sorted library of interior and exterior photographs enabling you to quickly find multiple views of details that you are interested in.

large = 230kB

large = 397kB
A unique collection!
High resolution photographs - With this box you get 2,100 high resolution high quality pictures on two professionally pressed disks.

Inside are all the photos we took of these Tigers during our visits to the museum in 2007 and 2008. The result of several days of crawling all over and inside these wonderful Tigers.

The Musée Des Blindés in Saumur
has both a Tiger I and a Tiger II (Runner) tank in their extensive collection.
After previous contacts and having paid the legal publication rights to the museum, the museum staff offered all help that was possible to access the vehicles and they kindly put forth a great deal of effort to get as many of the hatches open as possible. (Opening the Tiger I escape hatch and ventilator grids proved impossible due to them being closed for so many years.)

The photos are presented as single JPEG files. Original photo size for most photos is 3008 x 2000 pixels, with file sizes between 1,5 and 5 Mb.
The disks are best viewed using your computer in combination with any picture viewing application.
Viewing the photos using a standalone dvd player on your television set, might be possible, depending on your device.

Though it is possible to view these photos as a slideshow, the disks are intended for use as a library, containing six directories: T1-exterior, T1-interior, T2-exterior, T2-interior, T1 & T2 and T2 Engine.
The photos are very roughly grouped by their filename. This should enable you to quickly find items of interest. Getting more views and angles of an object is often possible by browsing through other likely groups.


Considering myself more than a beginner in photography, I think the following sample pictures are representative of the high resolution and clarity that we were able to achieve.

For making the photos I used my Nikon D50 camera. The camera is equipped with both the standard lens and a high quality portrait lens.
Making photos of camouflaged objects like these tanks is no easy task as their colours are intended to make them fade away into the background.
I experimented with flash, tripod and camera settings to get the best possible results.
Each photo is watermarked with the text "© '08". This text had to be placed, but against professional advise to put it in very large letters across the photo, I chose to put it in the edges at minimum opacity.


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