Sidestand (Jiffy) trouble

The jiffy or sidestand caused me going down once. The pivot running dry caused it to stop halfway the rearward position. Though the warning light was off, the switch stopped the engine after a few meters drive causing the fall.

Apart from my pride which got a big dent since it was my first time going down, there was hardly any damage.
The picture below shows a crack in the plastic cover, which can be replaced at minimal cost. Also visible in the picture is the sidestand stalled in the rearward half way up position.

Make no mistake about it: The sidestand switch is a good thing since taking off with an extracted sidestand is extremely dangerous. That the switch stopped the engine whilst driving is not so good. The design might be improved by making sure that the warning light remains on until the sidestand is almost fully retracted. The cause for my mishap was however insufficient grease on the pivot of the sidestand.
Why did I not notice this? Kicking the sidestand usually is enough and when the light goes out we assume it is fully up.
It is best to check by hand every now and then if it works smoothly. When in doubt take it apart and grease it. Only a few minutes work.
For disassembly, first remove the safety switch, then the sidestand pivot bolt. By turning it to forward position, it will come loose without heavy forces on the spring. Replacing also starts from this forward position. The spring tension might now prevent the bolt from sliding in easily. With the aid of a screwdriver, the holes can be positioned easily.