ST1100 Pan European motor cycle

My choice for a "new" bike was a '92 ST1100N Pan European. This, because it is a cheap and very reliable bike, known to be good for both commuting and long distance rides.
Logically a 20 year old bike will have some maintenance issues, to which I hope to present some guides and solutions here.

Budget for the Pan was tight since I haven't driven a motorcycle for ten years and all clothing and helmet had to be obtained new. General advise when becoming the proud owner of a used bike is to replace all fluids immediately. Because of the budget, It is not possible for me to do all on my wish list at once and I have to set priorities.


23-09-2012   Rear wheel   Taking out the rear wheel and inspecting the three O-rings.

23-09-2012   Cooling troubles   Cooling system inspection and overhaul.

22-09-2012   Connecting the 2nd low beam headlight   Only for the European (not UK) ST1100N with single headlight relay.

10-11-2012   Spark Plugs Inspection   Useful for checking your spark plugs.

27-11-2012   Calibrating the tyre pressure gauge   Check your tyre pressure gauge for deviations.

01-12-2012   ST1100 replacement K&N air filter trouble   A restriction collar for the filter.

12-01-2013   Sidestand (Jiffy) trouble   Beware of the sidestand running dry.

28-06-2013   Carburettor rubber heat shield   Missing or damaged? Make your own!

28-06-2013   Downloads for the Pan-European   My own files only.

In case you need to contact me about the ST1100 or one of the above articles: rob (remove this and join) (at) panzerbasics (dot) com.