ST1100 Carburettor rubber heat shield

The rubber heat shield for the carburettor float bowls might be missing or damaged on your bike. Off course it is possible to buy a new or used one, but why not cut one yourself? It can be done!

When the shield on my bike proved missing, I obtained a used one, but since I would have preferred to make one myself and give others the chance to do so, I measured it.
The shield can be cut from a rubber sheet measuring 349mm x 566mm, 1mm thick. The material looks and feels like a normal rubber. I doubt if temperatures would ever get high enough to damage it.
The shield I obtained had quite a few cuts in it that should not be there on my bike. This is visible in the pictures. The advise is not to cut these, marked with blue dimensions, until a test fit on your bike shows whether these are needed or not.


00: Dimensioned drawing in printable pdf format