Archive Per Sonnervik

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Information not shared is lost!

Having collected data on the German panzers for 34 years, my dear friend Per Sonnervik suddenly passed away in 2018.
For his widow and his friends it was difficult to decide what to do with his unique collection.
In his life he understandingly never gave away material easily since he had paid dearly for it both in money and effort.
With the alternatives being that the material would vanish into a private collection or an archive where it is difficult to extract, we decided that it would be best in his memory and for the material to use my website for publishing as much of the material as possible.

Please note that from some of the material presented here we don't know the origin. There may have been personal agreements involved I don't know of. So, in case you find something on these pages that does not belong here, please contact me and I will remove that content as soon as possible.

Per happily measuring the La Gleize KT in 2009